• Communication Skills Training: As part of the professional skills training, ARMS Trainees will participate in a learning module on “Communicating with Research Partners and Stakeholders” that will provide trainees with the skills to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholder groups. The module will develop trainees’ understanding of issues in communicating research to diverse stakeholders; and their skills in communicating effectively to audiences outside trainees’ areas of specialization, including communication with the media and with diverse stakeholders.
  • Career and Vocational Training: This option will be provided to students to expose them to the breadth of research and research-related careers, within and outside academia, through participation in the Atlanta BEST Program. The Atlanta BEST program is an NIH training grant at Emory for graduate students and postdocs who want to explore biomedical-related career options, through career exploration and professional development workshops. The workshops and information session are open to anyone that is part of the Emory and Georgia Tech broader communities. ARMS Trainees will be required to attend at least two of the workshops (of their choosing) each year as part of the ARMS curriculum. 
  • Professional Skills Training: In addition to collaborations with clinical partners, we will offer an opportunity for training in entrepreneurship. Atlanta has seen recent investments focused on growing the medical startup community as seen through incubator programs such as the NeuroLaunch NeuroScience Incubator and the ATDC Medical Device Incubator programs. Capitalizing on these resources, ARMS Trainees who have an interest in entrepreneurship will be supported, based on their interdisciplinary projects immersion course, to participate in various Georgia Tech student incubator programs already in existence during their 2nd summer in the program. Students may also choose, instead, to intern at one of the local medical startup companies in the Atlanta area.